Curve – the only card you’ll ever need

Curve – the only card you’ll ever need

I was immediately drawn to Curve. Having multiple bank accounts and payment cards for both personal and business uses, Curve appeared to offer the perfect solution – less administration in managing both my personal and business expenses and a greater insight as to where I was spending my money, all located in one place. The accountant in me recognised that Curve could be a really nifty tool for my busy clients who are always on the go so I decided to try it out. I love my apps and any technology that makes life easier so I was excited by what Curve had to offer!

What is a Curve card?

Curve connects all your existing debit and credit cards to one single Curve card by using a clever app. Everything is set up from the app, it was so easy to get started and literally only took a few minutes to securely get set up, each card took seconds. You no longer need to carry several cards around with you – the Curve card does it all. You can even make cash withdrawals using it. It’s a really smart and simple way to pay across all of your bank accounts which have cards linked to them.

How does it work?

  1. You receive an instant alert every time your card is used. Every purchase is instantly categorized and added to your Curve spend timeline. The best feature for me is that no matter if it’s business or personal spend, you can see what you’ve spent and where you spent it. You can store the receipt against the transaction too by taking a snapshot so you always know what you’ve actually purchased. You can also get email receipts sent straight to your inbox. There’s no need to panic if you accidentally spend on the wrong card, you can easily go back and switch the card you use via the app.
  2. On a security note, all personal information is fully encrypted and securely stored. No personal data about your accounts or cards is stored in the Curve app and you can lock the card instantly if something goes wrong.
  3. Now for the really cool bit – Curve cardholders can connect their Curve card straight into Xero. This means that every time you make a business purchase with any of your bank cards, the corresponding bank account in Xero will automatically be updated, instantly. This is such a fantastic feature and a great time saver for clients who have lots of expenses to keep on top of.
  4. Curve can save you money when using your card abroad with access to the market currency exchange rate plus only 1%. You get to see how much you’ve spent in your own currency too, instantly!
  5. You can even earn yourself some cashback of up to 5% from leading retailers such as Argos, B&Q, Boots, Debenhams, Pizza Express and TGI Friday’s amongst many more.

What’s the catch?

I haven’t found one yet. There are no hidden fees and the Curve Blue card is free whilst earning instant cashback of 3%.


I’m now only carrying around one Curve payment card compared to six cards previously. Curve makes managing your money a breeze, it’s a smarter way of spending. It’s genius, I love it.